SAP Sybase ASE Certification

As most of you know, integration of Sybase Company with SAP Company completed in Year 2012.
Many Sybase professionals are asking questions on same topic? ….. That is Sybase Certification!!!

Even I felt that there is no proper information given on one place on “Sybase Certification exam”.

I have tried to capture maximum information in this post and hope this post will help and save time of many Sybase professionals.

Following exams are no longer available from SAP/Sybase. These exams have been retired.

  • Sybase ASE 15 Administrator Associate Certification: (Exam Code: C_SASEAA_15)
  • Sybase ASE 15 SQL Developer Professional: (Exam Code: C_SASEDP_15)

Did SAP introduce other exams for Sybase ASE Developers and DBAs?  …. “YES”

Yes, Certification Fee is around 700 SGD!!! … Don’t be surprised. Certification fee was around 200 SGD but after Sybase complete integration with SAP, it is around 700 SGD (550 USD).

How to register for a Sybase certification exam?

There are two ways you can register for a Sybase certification exam.


As per my knowledge PEARSON VUE for SAP is available only for Australia or New Zealand. If you are undertaking this exam in Australia or New Zealand you can get a voucher and take the exam at Pearson VUE (Australia or New Zealand).

You can contact for getting SAP voucher.

Once you receive SAP voucher you can contact PEARSON VUE center –  and register Sybase certification.

2. SAP education centers:
You can contact SAP education center (of your city or nearest city) to register desired certification exam.

Contact details of SAP education centers: SAP education offices

Eligibility Criteria for registering through SAP education centre:
To be eligible to sit for the certification you:

  • Must have at least 2 years of project implementation experiences in the area you wished to be certified.
  • Provide detailed CV and the Manager’s recommendation letter for reviewing.
  • The CV should state clearly:
    • Name of company and duration of each project.
    • The version used in each project, e.g. ASE 15, ASE 15.5
    • Roles and responsibility in the project.  What are the things you have done in the project etc.
  • The Manager Recommendation letter should be printed in company’s letterhead, with signature and company’s stamp.
  • A summary of each project, roles and responsibility in each project.

Once you send above mentioned details to SAP education centre, SAP trainer will review your CV and other details and provide her/his feedback that you can qualify for the exam or not.

If you can qualify for exam then SAP education centre executive help you to register for specific exam.

Preparation for certification exams:
SAP Certified Technology Associate – Development Consultant for SAP Sybase ASE 15.7 for Developers [C_SASEDA_157]
As of now, there is no book available in the market for this exam. Following books are available for old Sybase certification Sybase ASE 15 SQL Developer Professional (Exam Code: C_SASEDP_15). You can refer these books

And additionally read up on New Features of Sybase ASE 15.7.
             New Features Summary Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7


You can read Sybase manuals on Sybase official website.

SAP Certified Technology Associate – Database Administrator for SAP Sybase ASE 15.7 for DBAs [C_SASEAA157]
As of now, there is no book available in the market for this exam but you can search for some older Sybase version books for Sybase DBAs and prepare for this exam.


You can read Sybase manuals on Sybase official website.

Retake Policy:
Each candidate is permitted three attempts to successfully pass an exam. If the exam is not passed within three attempts, the exam may not be retaken until the next major release of the exam.

After completing the exam:
Upon completion of your exam, you will receive a printout of your score report at the test center.
Similar to Sybase Certification Score Report

SAP will subsequently send your official certificate by post. Please allow up to 6 weeks for your certificate to arrive. Your certificate is sent to your registered postal address on the time of registration.

If you have successfully passed certification exam then you contact SAP education center for SAP logo. You can add SAP logo on you CV.

SAP Logo


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